Medicine Minder

A Case Study

UX Case study of an app, I designed to remind people when it is time to order prescription refills. This is a walk through of my design process including a look at my journey map, sketches, wire frame, and prototype

Interviews: Example Questions with Aggregated answers

I interviewed potential users to see if there was a need for my product idea. Interviews were done in person or via email. I complied the responses to get a better feel for what my product needed.

    Sample Survey Questions
  1. Have you ever ran or almost ran out of a prescription?
    • Yes, happens often, several times.
  2. How do You feel if you run out?
    • Annoyed, Upset, Stupid, Worried, Irresponsible.
  3. What would help?
    • Text, Push Notification, Email.

How might we prevent running out of a prescription?


  1. Help families stay healthy by preventing lapses in medicine supply.
  2. Give a User an early warning that their pill supply is low.


  1. System to calculate when a pill supply is low and advises user to call pharmacy.


  1. There are applications that can track multiple prescriptions and look for drug interactions. They have reminders as premium level addition.
  2. Many pharmacies have a refill alert but that is tied to that Chain of pharmacies.

What makes this idea better

  1. Medicine Minder can track all prescriptions regardless of the which chain fills the prescriptions. Interviews revealed some people price shop pharmacies for better deals, with medicine minder they can do that.


I complied the interviews to create a Persona or primary user. Primary user is someone that is tired of running out of her family's prescriptions. She is busy juggling life, work, kids and needs an easy way to track the level of family prescriptions.

Carrie Stoud


  • Age Bracket: 35-44
  • Occupation: QA Analyst
  • Family: Married, kids
  • Persona: End User


  1. Easy & Clear understanding of Pharmacy needs
  2. To keep her family healthy.
  3. Spend time with kids after work.
  4. Reduce paper work

Technology Preferences

  1. Prefers Text over Phone Calls
  2. Automate it!
  3. E-receipt over paper


"I don't often have the time to count out the pills I have left."

Journey Map

A journey Map is a visual guide to the steps a user goes through to solve their problem. Jayne just noticed that she is low on pills and is worried that she won't get her refills in time. Once she has the app, she can chose how many days in advance to be alerted. She now gets an auto alert. It makes her happy that she can now call her pharmacy and get an refill order placed in advance.


I sketched a basic paper prototype in a note book. It took several iterations to get everything I wanted on the design. Then I showed to some people got some feedback then I moved on to a wire frame.

Entry form for inputting prescription information. I thought it would be easy to manually enter in the information. But after during a user studies, it was suggested to use the phone to scan the info off a bottle or receipt.


I built a wire frame using the prototyping tool, UXpin. The interactive prototype allowed users to experience the proposed functions of the app. I was able to get feedback in person and online. The feedback helped to refine my concept.

Onboarding screens with progress icons to show how many steps till completion. Allows user to select notification method and how far in advance to receive the notices.
User can check her Medicine cabinet and with a glance, know how many pills she has left of all of her prescriptions. The screen also shows which ones will be running out soon so she can reorder multiple prescriptions at once.
User receives an alert when the pill supply is calculated to be down to a few days supply.

Case Drawing

The user notices she is out of pills. She forgot to call in a refill and will now have to wait two days before she can get a new supply. With Medicine Minder she gets a text reminder two days before her last pill. She can tap a button to call her Pharmacy and request a refill. Then pick up her medicine without having to wait.