Craft Content 2017: Angus Nelson Keynote

Craft Content 2017 was held today. Craft Content Nashville is an “unconference” for digital content creators. It was my second year to attend the event.

The Keynote was by Angus Nelson I met Angus last year at the pre-event mixer. Good thing I met him at the mixer otherwise I would have missed his 2016 session. There was another session, I had planned on attending but after talking to him I changed my mind. His session then and today’s Keynote were inspiring. last year’s take way was too take chances.

This year he had the opening Keynote. The Keynote message was create something and put it out there. Get it written then get it right. If you spend all your time trying to perfect it in the first draft, (totally having to fight that right now) you’ll won’t published it. If you’re afraid to publish till it is perfect and wait till it is right you’ll never publish. No one will see your idea.

“Edits are for the final step of content, not the first.”  Angus Nelson

One of the many great quotes from his speech is “Whatever scares you, do that.” With that in mind post your blog, share your pictures, or write that book.

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What will you create today?

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