Craft Content Nashville Voice part 2

“You don’t have to create, You get to create!” -today’s opening monologue

“Your audience must be first, foremost” -Alaina Shearer

“Gamification will increase user interaction” Mitch Canter

Final Take away

Don’t be afraid to use your voice!

Back Canary is a super hero with a powerful voice. Learn from her and use your voice.

Craft Content Nashville * Voice

Today I am at Craft Content Nashville. The UNconference is for the content creators and artist in digital media. The theme this year is Voice.

A few of the things I have learned so far today.

For those in leadership position we’re in a wonderful place to shape other view of their own worth. -Hannah Moyer

Skip the backstory. Get Into the story for immediate connection. -Megha Bradley

Embrace the line break. Break paragraphs into smaller ones to make post skimable.
-Pamela Wilson