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Chris Jarvis

Hello There. I'm Chris Jarvis! A creative full stack developer based in Nashville.

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My Story

A love of creative endeavors has led me to delve into software development. I graduated from Nashville Software School. The course was an intensive full year partā€time software bootcamp focused on the foundations of web development. In addition to the languages I studied, I learned how to learn and research new languuges. I wanted to learn more so I enrolled in Nashville Software School's UI & UX for Digital Product Design course. There I learned how to use user feedback and create user personas to make better apps. I used those interview skills to create REDCap surveys at Vanderbilt University. I also wrote documentation, and built Jira ServiceDesk Requests.


I write about what I'm building and learning. I wrote about maintaining an open source app for new developers to get thier first Open Source commit and share my CSS art on the blog.

Open source work

Wrote doucmentation and transcribed podcasts for Virtual Coffee.io. Began the user's guide for VC and wrote a Pull Request template for VC's gitHub. Other open source open source include documentation for CodeThesaurus and a trivia for Codebot, a twitter bot. Maintained a "Hello There" repo to help new developers get a first timer PR. Completed HacktoberFest's month long open source challenge in 2020-2022.

Community work

DEV.to: Trusted User (moderator), Blog writer
Virtual Coffee: Member, Monthly Challenge Team
HacktoberFest: Contributor 2020, 2021, 2022 Maintainer 2022


Part of a team that won second place at the Nashville Software School Hackathon for Total Eclipse: A playground for learning JavaScript functions. Read my blog post about it or see the app Total Eclipse.

My Skills

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • react
  • node
  • git
  • GitHub
  • REDCap
  • Bootstrap
  • SQL
  • Documentation
  • WireFraming

Projects Here are some of the personal and clients projects that I created with the project details.

Phone screen showing an app

Medicine Minder: Case Study

UX Case study of app I designed to remind people when it is time to order prescription refills. You can read a walk through of my design process by clicking the below link

Medicine Minder
App screen shot. A form for users to enter a github usermname.

Git Search

GitSearch is an app that helps find GitHub Repos with open issues. I made it to help find developers that want help with open source projects. A user enters a github user name. The app then check the gitHub Api and returns any open issues of that user. React, HTML5, CSS3, GitHub Api

Live Link

Code Link
audience sitting in front of a theater stage.

Whose Line Online?

This project allows remote audience members to submit show suggestions to performers. Who would then take randomized suggestion and create an on the spot live streamed show. This project was made with Python, Django, HTML and CSS. The audience member silhouettes were made with CSS.

Live Link

Code Link
a flow chart.

Vanderbilt Projects: Summary

Built and helped design an on boarding survey to gather information to facilitate a PI's move to Vanderbilt University. It was a multi-instrument survey with branching logic and styled with HTML and CSS. Built a REDCap customer satisfaction survey to gauge effectiveness of scheduling software and helpfulness of staff. Created documentation on all projects with Word and Confluence. Jira Service Desk created customer requests. Styled instructions with Markup.

App screen shot.

Fun In The Blanks

A personalized children's story book made with AngularJS, HTML, CSS, JSON, and Firebase. A children's mad libs style story where the child can take part in classic fairy tales. Goal is to teach a child to spell their name and some basic words. I picked a color scheme from a major toy brand for child friendly colors, then muted the colors for easier screen readability. The large inputs and large font size allow the child to see their name and story on screen. Fun in The Blanks was made with Angular, CSS, Bootstrap, HTML.

Playable App

Code Link
woman in fairy costume looking off in distance.

A Temptation of Faeries

A Temptation of Faeries creates hand made fairy wings and accessories. This is a static site with information on their products and art show schedule. HTML5, CSS3, Photography, Photoshop, blog

Live Link

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