Craft Content Nashville Voice part 2

“You don’t have to create, You get to create!” -today’s opening monologue

“Your audience must be first, foremost” -Alaina Shearer

“Gamification will increase user interaction” Mitch Canter

Final Take away

Don’t be afraid to use your voice!

Back Canary is a super hero with a powerful voice. Learn for her and use your voice.

Craft Content Nashville * Voice

Today I am at Craft Content Nashville. The UNconference is for the content creators and artist in digital media. The theme this year is Voice.

A few of the things I have learned so far today.

For those in leadership position we’re in a wonderful place to shape other view of their own worth. -Hannah Moyer

Skip the backstory. Get Into the story for immediate connection. -Megha Bradley

Embrace the line break. Break paragraphs into smaller ones to make post skimable.
-Pamela Wilson

UX Class & Case Study

I enrolled in the UI & UX for digital products course at Nashville Software School. It was a great experience for me. I got a taste of Agile, user interviews and digital design process.

I learned how to build a case study and how to frame a problem. I used interviews to see if what I thought was a problem really was something that needed to be fixed. Once I solidified my problem, I interviewed a few people and took that information to build my prototype and user persona.

This is a condensed version of my process. I have a full walkthrough of my UX Case Study on my portfolio.

My project

I proposed that people ran out of prescription pills and could use something to remind them to call the pharmacy before the bottle was empty. My resulting project was Medicine Minder an app that would send the user an alert to call the pharmacy when their prescription was low.


I sketched a basic paper prototype in a note book. It took several iterations to get everything I wanted on the design. Then I showed to some people got some feedback then I moved on to a wire frame.

Paper sketch to interactive prototype.


I built a wire frame using the prototyping tool, UXpin. The interactive prototype allowed users to experience the proposed functions of the app. I was able to get feedback in person and online. The feedback helped to refine my concept.

OnBoarding screen

User receives an alert when the pill supply is calculated to be down to a few days supply.

Alert message to user.


Studying UX has helped me focus my process. The idea that “You are Not the User” was repeated throughout the class. As a Designer I should focus on what the user’s needs are. They will be the one using a product daily, it’s their experience that matters.