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A love of creative endeavors has led me to delve into software development. I graduated from Nashville Software School. The course was an intensive full year partā€time software bootcamp focused on the foundations of web development. In addition to the languages I studied, I learned how to learn and not give up.

I wanted to learn more so I enrolled in Nashville Software School's UI & UX for Digital Product Design course. There I learned how to use user feedback and create user personas to make better apps. I used those interview skills to create REDCap surveys at Vanderbilt University. I also wrote documentation, and built Jira ServiceDesk Requests.

In 2020 and 2021 I completed HacktoberFest's open source challenge. I built a project to help entertainers inform fans of their remote performances. I blog on my development process you can find me at

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Please visit me at Linkedin, Twitter, GitHub, and My Blog.

Languages and Skills

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • Git/GitHub
  • Sublime Text
  • UX
  • JavaScript
  • JSON
  • jQuery
  • AngularJS
  • TDD
  • Wireframes
  • C#
  • SQL
  • Jira ServiceDesk
  • REDCap
  • Uxpin
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Medicine Minder

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UX Case Study

UX Case study of app I designed to remind people when it is time to order prescription refills. You can read a walk through of my design process by clicking the below link.

Medicine Minder

Hackathon Project

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Total Eclipse: A playground for learning JavaScript functions.

I was part of the build team for ths educational project. It uses the concept of music lyrics to teach javaScript functions. We used Total Eclipse of the Heart as our sample song. A user can see how the chorus repeats in a song is similar to repeated code in software. There are lines where only the last word changes. We compared that to parameters in JavaScript. The user can try their hand at building function in the interactive playground.

Our team won second place out of twelve teams at the 2017 Nashville Software School Hackathon.

See the app

graphic to simulate a sweater. The background is green, snow is falling blog

Read about my current projects. I write about what I'm learning and what I am building. The image is from a series of CSS character drawings.


Open Source


Wrote doucemnetation and transcribed podcasts

Wrote documentation for virtual Began a user's guide for VC. Wrote a Pull Request template for gitHub.

Virtual Coffee and Codebot

In late 2020 I particapted in HacktoberFest an open source software challenge. I help build a website for a community group and added some trivia to a twitter bot. Technologies used: HTML5, CSS, JSON, and 11ty.

Wrap up on DEV

Twitter Blog
screen shot of star wars text crawl

Animated Star Wars Crawl

Based on a tutorial recreating the opening crawl from Star Wars using CSS animation. I completed the tutorial then expanded on the project.

  1. Added second section of stars and changed the opacity to give more depth to star field.
  2. Added widescreen bars at top and bottom of screen for Theater look.
  3. Gave widescreen a small border.
  4. Made three Paragraphs of text. (original version had only one).
  5. Used JavaScript to replace all the words in the paragraphs with the same word.
  6. Created loading screen animation.
  7. Animated tie fighters on the bottom of the screen.

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

Star Wars Crawl GitHub

app flowchart

Vanderbilt University

Built and helped design an onboarding survey to gather information to facilitate a PI's move to Vanderbilt University.

Built a REDCap customer satisfaction survey to gauge effectiveness of scheduling software.

Created documentation on all projects with Word and Confluence.

Jira Service Desk, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript


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Fun In The Blanks

A personalized children's story book made with AngularJS, HTML, CSS, JSON, and Firebase. A children's mad libs style story where the child can take part in classic fairy tales. Goal is to teach a child to spell their name and some basic words.

I picked a color scheme from a major toy brand for child friendly colors, then muted the colors for easier screen readability. The large inputs and large font size allow the child to see their name and story on screen.

Play GitHub

web page for a neighborhood group.

Caldwell Abbay Hall

The Caldwell Abbay Hall Neighborhood wanted to increase awareness about and membership in their organization. They also wanted one place for residents to know of civic programs for the neighborhood such as school district, brush pick up days and polling locations. After meeting with the board, we decided to build a clean website that held all the information.

I used HTML, Bootstrap, and CSS to build the site. The biggest challenge was keeping the site readable and visually appealing while sharing all the desired information. I built a three column layout. The center column holds the main text while the sidebars holds excerpts or additional supporting information. I asked for quotes about the neighborhood to sprinkle throughout the site. The main area is white and the sides are neutral tan. I used colors from the CAHNA logo for accents.

Caldwell Abbay Hall

app screen shot

A Temptation Of Faeries

A Temptation of Faeries creates hand made fairy wings and accessories. This is a static site with information on their products and art show schedule.

HTML5, CSS3, Photography, Photoshop, Blog


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Big Damn Project Tracker

With My Big Damn Project Tracker crafters can track fabrics, trim, and notions used to build their costumes. Users can track personal projects or track a contracted build for a client.

This is a CRUD app built with C#, ASP.NET MVC, CSS, and HTML5. A seamtress can enter an item and its properties; name, color, amount in an Inventory Table. When the crafter begins a project, they create a Project Tracker page and transfer items from the main Inventory Table to that project's own inventory.


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